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We offer real-time broadcasting of events. Give your family, friends and fans the chance to be apart of the special moments. Our skilled livestream coordinator will monitor the footage from one or multiple cameras, thereafter, giving your online audience the best viewing experience they can get, whether it's on a computer or mobile device. There is no real limit in terms of what can be live streamed. Check us out today and let us help you take your events to the next level. Let Klean Stream be your ultimate streaming solution. Don't forget to share this information and check out our previously streamed events in our gallery.


The cost of this service is based on the scope of the work and the manpower required. Live streaming requests should be made at least two day in advance, if possible, to allow for proper arrangements and setup. All appointments are scheduled for a minimum of 1 hour. A quotation outlining the cost of the requested service will be issued to the client. Once accepted, a 50% deposit must be made at least six (6) hours before the event/occasion commences, unless instructed to do otherwise by a representative of Klean Stream. The balance 50% must be paid within three business days after the service is rendered.


We produce quality videos, whether it's for a promotion, celebration or personal collection, it really doesn't matter. We take pride in what we do, from capturing footage to producing the final product. With that much said, the time to start is NOW.


Turn your thoughts and ideas into a short film and enjoy watching something you're apart of with your friends, family or even your fans. From action to romance, the whole mile, we've got you covered. It's time to create that unique masterpiece.

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Communication Made Simple
What better way to have meetings, chat with family members and friends, converse with employees or even share a movie (If so desire). Are you having issues with setup or not sure how to get started? NO PROBLEM!
We'll have you up and going in no time and with just the right tools for a successful video conferencing session.

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Make your business or group presentations more interactive and professional by eliminating the down time when changing presenters, by making side by side comparisons and references to other presenter's content on the spot. We make available to each presenter a direct connection between their device and a switcher. With multiple devices connected all at once, it eliminates the hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting via the use of a single cable. All presenters will be set and ready to go by the press of a single button. Look no further, it's time to start presenting on a more professional level.