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l i v e  s t r e a m  y o u r  e v e n t s

Weddings ~ Funerals ~ Concerts ~ Seminars ~ Promotions
Conferences ~ Interviews and Much More



A very hard working and committed team that strives for perfection no matter the task. Each team member plays a role and have their responsibilities that I must say are executed in a very careful and professional manner.

Manager & Producer

Kyrone Smith

He pulls all the pieces together to create  that final product. He believes that quality, creativity and innovation are the key factors to producing something GREAT. He's highly capable of getting anything done, even when he's off the job.

Co-Manager & Camera Operator

Allianne Smith

She's very hard working, from set up to break down of all equipment. She handles the camera like a boss and always know what she's doing. She's definitely a "MUST HAVE".

Camera Operator

Charles Webster

He is a very dedicated and responsible person, always willing to get the job done at his best. He's also a reliable and hard working individual and always brings something to the table.


For several years this business was a deep thought with the intention of being a  real business one day. It was only until someone said something that confirmed the deep thoughts that were lingering for years. When that confirmation was made in June 2020, immediately "Klean Stream" became a reality and with no hesitation what so ever.


We Do It Simple And Professional
Step 1

Visit Venue

Step 2

Determine Equipment/Manpower Needed

Step 3

Issue Quotation/Agreement

Step 4

Setup Equipment

Step 5

Execute Service

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